CAVU Advisors develops tools and supports software that accelerate your business processes. The tools and software link to your existing information systems allowing you to:

Get It

Acquire information rapidly

See It

Through targeted reports and dashboards view information

Use It

Apply information and data to make informed business decision and meet client and company needs.

We partner with the following core system platforms

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Below are some of the tools and forecasting applications that CAVU supports.

CAVU ClickVue™

CAVU Advisors has developed tools for clients that connect directly with their information systems. Specializing in Unanet, these tools have greatly increased accuracy and decreased time to produce reports. Using the CAVU ClickVue™ approach, reports are designed to pull data and prepare special formats with the click of one button. Below is a sample of CAVU ClickVue™ tools.

CAVU ClickVue

ClickVue™ Month-End Reconciliation

CAVU has designed a one-click update process for month-end closing reconciliations. We find that often certain reconciliations are not completed and there is more time used in preparation than review. We have taken the time out of generating recs and ensured 100% preparation. Now the accounting team can spend value-added time reviewing and using data.

Month-end closing is accelerated with the automated reconciliation of all balance sheet accounts, along with project reporting and indirect rate reporting contained in one file. Comparing detailed schedules to the general ledger, accounting departments can ensure all data is complete at month end and supporting reports can be relied upon. The ClickVue™ rec uses a summary scorecard that visually highlight items requiring attention.

ClickVue Scorecard

Click the update button and refresh as often as you like.

ClickVue™ Invoice Uploader

Invoices are often uploaded into agency or customer-specific portals in a customized format. CAVU has developed an auto invoice uploader. An example was created for a lengthy invoice uploaded into the Maryland Procurement Office system.


ClickVue™ Program Project Reports

CAVU developed a tool to support both the program management needs for a client, along with a corresponding detailed invoice. The volume of reporting and complexity of the invoice was high with an average of 250 task reports monthly on over 400 ACRNs, along with asset reporting, tracking of unliquidated obligations, and outlay projections for pending costs.

Customer Testimonial
Our key mission programs require fast, accurate reporting for a substantial volume of data. CAVU was able to automate production of a high volume of project reporting and combine this with the preparation of an invoice. We had previously dealt with rounding and human error. CAVU resolved this to culminate in invoices within $0.00. CAVU integrated reporting directly with our source accounting system and procurement system to produce customer-specific reporting. Monthly program reports would take days to prepare each month. Through automation, hundreds of spreadsheets are now populated in less than 1 minute. We can now highlight this capability in our proposal management volumes.

ClickVue™ Borrowing Base

A very common monthly business need is the production of a borrowing base certificate for your banker. CAVU established the business rules to group the borrowing base elements and prepare the calculations needed for client lines of credit. Information is then available in the bank-specific format for a signature-ready solution.


CAVU offers the Nue financial forecasting system designed specifically for Government contractors.


Complex Back-End Calculations Deliver Clear, Fast Forecasts
Get a high-quality budget completed in record time. Let the engine do the work. Change key input variables and see the impact on your business.

Powerful Decision Support (Can we?/Should we?)
Answer your most essential questions and rapidly compare alternatives. Enable informed, value-based decision-making.

Get Efficient
Save input time, reduce errors, share data, and reuse plans. Interface directly with your accounting system and other information systems.

CEO Quick View
Visualize your forecasts and compare scenarios against your budget. Quickly see the key indicators you care most about on any device.

From Tactical to Strategic
Deliver your annual plan and DCAA forecasts. Tie tactical plans to strategic 
plans and even company value. View changes to your enterprise value based on different scenarios.