CAVU Company Culture: What’s In It for Our Clients?

It is all well and good if CAVU employees thrive in a positive company culture, but what impact does that have on your GovCon firm’s success in the government marketplace? It turns out that the company culture of your product and service providers can boost your bottom line in concrete ways.

Engaged Employees = Satisfied Customers

Business gurus caution that company culture is something that management neglects at a firm’s peril. Cultivating company culture—a set of underlying attitudes and beliefs that give rise to common workplace behavior—can have a major impact on employee engagement. Culture can encourage employees to go beyond merely collecting a paycheck to develop an emotional commitment to the company and its goals. This inspires an above-and-beyond effort that, in turn, improves workers’ productivity and performance.

The good news for those who hire a such a company is that the dedication of its engaged employees, in turn, leads to higher customer satisfaction, according to leadership expert Kevin Kruse:

  • Respected and supported workers are likely to pay it forward and treat clients the same way.
  • Engaged employees stick with a firm long enough to form the reliable, long-term relationships that customers so highly value.
  • These relationships are built on the understanding that the customer’s business needs matter as much—if not more—than the pursuit of the latest product or service feature to hit the market.

CAVU’s company culture promotes a mindset that results in a market advantage for both our GovCon clients and us. Our tenets include:

Flexibility – To declare that change is the one constant is even more of an understatement in the post-pandemic business environment. CAVU helps your GovCon adapt and thrive because we, too, must pivot to meet shifting conditions. Our latest adaptations include more choices for hybrid and remote work environments and an extra day off each month, provided client deliverables have been met.

Work-Life Balance – All employees have families, interests, and concerns outside the office. CAVU recognizes that helping people integrate their jobs and personal lives is a win-win for us as well as our clients. It all comes full circle: Gallup’s latest report on the State of the American Workplace reveals that only 33 percent of U.S. employees are engaged at work—not good news when, as discussed above, engagement is a driver of customer satisfaction. Enter work-life benefits. In a classic 2009 research report that is still being cited today, the Corporate Executive Board found that people who are happy with their work-life balance work 21 percent harder and are 33 percent more likely to stay at their organization. That goes for men, women, and superstar employees. As outlined above, hard work and staff stability translate into the kind of interactions valued by clients.

Collaborative environment – When employees support one another for the good of all, the customer experience is greatly enhanced, reports CultureWise. In a collaborative culture, each client-facing experience is backed by a team that shares knowledge and expertise.

Culture of learning – When CAVU encourages our team to expand knowledge and skills, our clients benefit from the best practices in GovCon finance and accounting. We keep up, so you keep up. One of the latest efforts to provide opportunities for our team to learn and grow is our lunch and learn program.

We aim to have CAVU’s internal company culture shine through every time we engage with our clients. To experience the difference, feel free to contact us today to find out how our experienced GovCon accounting and finance team can keep you compliant and competitive in the government marketplace.