Remove the Rose-Colored Glasses: Let Dashboards Help Your GovCon Plot a Clear-Eyed Course to Success

Your dream is to lead your company to growth and prosperity. It turns out that a data-driven dose of reality is just what you need to make that dream come true. Ambitious goals are set and met when decision-makers can access reliable information whenever they need it.

As part of CAVU’s continued commitment to our clients, we’re rolling out dashboards that allow GovCons to call up the data they need to assess a firm’s key indicators, forecast the effect of future conditions, and set strategies that capture a greater share of the government marketplace.

Part 1 of our dashboard blog series looks at how this tool can help your firm track and apply your business intelligence data to set and reach your goals.

Navigate and Course Correct in Real-Time

The term ‘dashboard’ originates from the car instrument panel that allows a driver to monitor major functions at a glance while operating the vehicle. A business intelligence dashboard uses data visualization to display metrics and performance indicators from across your firm. This tool:

  • Eliminates many tasks that require manually sifting through large amounts of data.
  • Saves valuable time spent generating reports from multiple systems.
  • Displays data in an easy-to-understand format so decision-makers can readily manipulate and analyze the information to plot market strategies.
  • Provides employees centralized interactive access to monitor, aggregate, and analyze key indicators from any smart device.

Make the Most of What You’ve Got

The benefits of a business intelligence dashboard extend far beyond the logistics of gathering and displaying data. The tool allows team members to call up the precise financial information they need from any segment of the business to create ambitious, realistic goals and plan the strategic actions to reach them. You can apply filters to view the data that best suits your needs.

A dashboard supports a data-based understanding of your firm’s current operations and market potential. Here are a few examples:

  • Supplement your gut instincts with visual indicators of how a planned strategy may affect your operations. Uncover data that may reveal roadblocks or steer you in a new direction than your current roadmap.
  • Display updates on monthly financial data and conducts detailed performance tracking. View data on a company-wide basis or from functional areas of the business.
  • Review trends and revisit performance indicators regularly to see if you are still on track to reach your goals.
  • Improve your forecasting. Run a variety of “what if” scenarios to see how modifying various aspects of your operations might affect your returns.


Access Business Intelligence Customized for Your Organization

The most efficient way for a dashboard to contribute to your success is when data and processes are customized for your industry and individual business operations.

Part 2 of CAVU’s dashboard blog series will explore how we apply our GovCon financial and accounting expertise to create a tool that displays and maintains the data that helps to turn your dreams for your business into reality—no rose-colored glasses necessary.

Meanwhile, feel free to contact CAVU today for more information.

Dashboard whitepaper