Follow the Money: 5 DOD Technology Priorities for 2020

They say you can read people’s priorities by how they spend their money. As a GovCon, you know that holds true for the federal government as well. The Department of Defense (DOD) budget brings good news if your firm does business in the defense technology research realm. Funding for Research, ...
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6 Ways Outsourcing Can Work for You – And How to Get the Most for Your Money

If you’re curious about how you might benefit from outsourcing, you’re not alone. Last year, 52% of small firms said they plan to outsource at least one business process. Outsourcing is defined as hiring an external third party to take on tasks and complete processes that would otherwise be done inhouse. The ...
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Interested in Maximum Profit? Consider the Weighted Guidelines Method

Have you used the Weighted Guidelines Method (WGM) to develop a profit factor on a bid? The WGM can enhance the overall profit level of your federal contracts. Weighted guidelines can also help when you negotiate with certified cost or pricing data. Read on for how to wield this tool ...
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4 Ways to Keep Your Edge in the Competitive Govcon Landscape

Government contracting is, without a doubt, a competitive landscape where companies need to look for every edge they can gain during the proposal process. The federal government sources contracts to companies in a variety of ways, including small business awards, direct awards, and Government Services Administration (GSA) schedules. As Congress ...
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It’s Official–NAICS Size Standard Calculation Moves to 5 Years

More companies will qualify as or stay a “small business” for federal contracting opportunities under a new U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) rule that goes into effect on January 6, 2020. The rule applies to all small businesses in any North American Classification System (NAICS) category that are subject to ...
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Proposal Pricing: 5 Best Practices, 3 Bad Mistakes

You already know that pricing makes the difference between profit and loss of a government contract. Consider that it can also determine how well agencies understand the value of your offer. Yes, agencies are on the look-out for the best overall value. If all things are equal among the top ...
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