Year-End Financial Planning: 12 Ways to Finish Strong

Family, friends, and festivities define December for many of us. It's a time for reflecting on the past 12 months and looking forward to the coming year. Do the same with your business planning, and your company can finish the year strong as well as take on new opportunities in ...
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Managing to a Competitive Wrap Rate

A wrap rate is nothing less than a cornerstone of a profitable govcon business. The right wrap rate is a significant advantage in the competitive federal market. If you know the market and the right competitive price, you’ll set your company up to reap double benefits—by winning more contracts and ...
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GovCon Update – FedBizOpps is Going Away

FedBizOpps is being retired over Veterans Day weekend 2019 and the functionality is being moved to starting on November 12, 2019. All federal procurements will be published under the “Contract Opportunities” tab on The site will have all of the same capabilities, with some new capabilities. Companies should ...
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Tax Planning – It’s Not Too Late Yet

If you are a cash method taxpayer, you should have started your year-end tax planning by now. It is sad when business owners call after the end of the year and they have received very bad news from their tax accountants. Once the year has ended, there is little you ...
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When Price Trumps Perfection: 5 Lessons Learned from LPTA Contracts

It’s a heated debate that shows no signs of cooling—do the lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA) contracts encourage reasonable pricing or drive down quality? There are valid points on both sides. But, the most crucial factor is whether an LPTA award boosts or jeopardizes your firm’s profitability. LPTA Defined As the name ...
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3 Reasons to Revisit Your Accounting System Every Year (and What to Check!)

Regular checkups are essential to good health. That goes for your business as much as your body. When it comes to how well your company functions, your accounting system is the brains of your operation. The right system gives you easy access to the data necessary for wise decisions about ...
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